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Circuit Breaker Super Store: Texas Circuit Breakers, Siemens Breakers, Zinsco Breakers, And More

We at Circuit Breaker Super Store carry everything from residential circuit breakers to commercial circuit breakers and we believe in low price products. Circuit Breaker Super Store is able to provide circuit breakers and other products to our customers at a price well below factory cost. We do this by using the many resources we've gained over our years of circuit breaker business to find distributor overstocks, reclamations and closeouts. We have thousands of circuit breakers and like products available at any time and even carry refurbished and obsolete circuit breakers. If we don't have the circuit breaker you're looking for, you don't need it!

Circuit Breaker Super Store Carries a Wide Variety of Circuit Breaker Products

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Circuit Breaker Super Store of Texas Offers Many Types of Products Relating to Circuit Breakers

  • Circuit Breakers
    • American Circuit Breaker
    • Challenger Circuit Breaker
    • Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker
    • Westinghouse Circuit Breaker
    • Zinsco Circuit Breaker
    • Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker
    • FPE Circuit Breaker
    • Siemens Circuit Breaker
    • Square D Circuit Breaker
    • GE Circuit Breaker
    • General Electric Circuit Breaker
    • ITE Circuit Breaker
  • Controls
    • Allen Bradley Control
    • General Electric Control
    • Siemens Control
    • Cutler Hammer Control
    • Furnas Control
    • GE Control
    • Square D Control
    • Westinghouse Control
    • Control Replacement Part
  • Switches
    • Challenger Switch
    • GE Switch
    • Siemens Switch
    • Cutler Hammer Switch
    • General Electric Switch
    • ITE Switch
    • FPE Switch
    • Square D Switch
    • Westinghouse Switch
    • Federal Pacific Switch
    • Zinsco Switch
  • Heaters
    • Allen Bradley Heater
    • Square D Heater
    • GE Heater
    • General Electric Heater
    • Siemens Heater
    • Westinghouse Heater
    • Cutler Hammer Heater
    • Furnas Heater
  • Disconnects
    • Challenger Disconnect
    • Cutler Hammer Disconnect
    • Federal Pacific Disconnect
    • GE Disconnect
    • Westinghouse Disconnect
    • FPE Disconnect
    • General Electric Disconnect
    • ITE Disconnect
    • Zinsco Disconnect
    • Siemens Disconnect
    • Square D Disconnect
  • Starters
    • Mag Starter
    • Magnetic Starter
    • Motor Starter
  • Miscellaneous Circuit Breaker Products
    • Thermal Unit
    • Magnetrip
    • Electric Distribution
  • Contactors
    • Lighting Contactor
Our Contacts and Experience Mean Low Prices and Fast Delivery to You

At Capital Enterprises, Inc., we specialize in residential, commercial and industrial molded-case circuit breakers rated at up to 600 V and up to 3,000 A. Our huge inventory of thousands of items is growing all of the time. If we don't have it, you probably don't need it!

We have been buying and selling surplus electrical equipment to bottom-line conscious wholesale electrical distributors since 1996 and our top salesmen have been in the industry since 1989. Our huge inventory includes thousands of new current-style and refurbished circuit breakers, obsolete breakers, and breaker panel-mounting hardware kits. We also stock panel-mount switches and corresponding panel-mounting hardware kits. We inspect, test and qualify every refurbished item to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards.

WE SELL FOR LESS! We can sell at BELOW FACTORY PRICES! Using our MANY years experience and wide industry contacts, we hunt down distributor overstocks, closeouts and reclamations to find GOOD STUFF CHEAP, then pass the savings along to you.

WE SHIP IMMEDIATELY! By purchasing in large quantities we have built up a huge inventory of the circuit breakers and panel accessories you need. So, when you need an item, we can ship it to you immediately. When you deal with us, there's rarely an out-of-stock or backorder. We have it on hand!

  • Square D
  • Westinghouse
  • Cutler Hammer
  • Challenger
  • GE/General Electric
  • ITE/Siemens
  • FPE/Federal Pacific
  • Crouse-Hinds/Murray
  • GTE/Sylvania
  • Zinsco

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